Building Utopia

Welcome to all futuristic thinkers, builders and dreamers. This is our first post. We look forward to sharing and debating ideas.

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  1. Please use this forum to express any ideas or technologies that can be utilized to create a utopian island community from the ground up. At present, Templar Island is a blank canvas – GO AHEAD AND PAINT YOUR MASTERPIECE!

    1. good meeting meeting yesterday with UF professor talked about possibly partnering with a large cruise line or there insurance company to build a coral mitigation bank and other possible area of studies also how to bring top researchers to the island. also searching for people to form a 7 person panel to
      quide the projects and over see the science we want on the island. what corporate partners do we want to attract. hoping to finalize next week who we are going to use for our planer and feasibility study submissions to the congress. discussed power and housing options but still need more input. would like to hear all new possibilities for this project and any ways to improve and bring the latest technologies to reality. Thanks

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