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 Templar Island is a World Unto Itself

Welcome to Templar Island....where we are creating an Island of Opportunity

Templar Group is comprised of investors and scientists that have set out to build a new type of self-governed community dedicated to protecting one of the last truly pristine environmental properties left…two small islands off the coast of Honduras…while simultaneously creating jobs in the scientific community and educational opportunities found no where else in the Caribbean.



Here’s how it works, Templar group…through a new and unique new program from the Honduran government…will be seeking ZEDE status, innovative "Zones for Economic Development and Employment". These zones are the brain child of deep thinkers in the legal and humanitarian community like Tom W. Bell, Mark Klugmann, The Cato Institute, and the Cape Eleuthera Foundation. The idea is to build a type of truly autonomous society that is run by investors who are vested in the project and the community instead of being run and taxed by an impersonal government.

This secret island has a long history. It was a remote haven for Pirates from the 1500’s through the early 1800’s. At the turn of the century it served as a U.S. Department of Agriculture quarantine station for cattle being shipped to north America for slaughter. It served as a weather station to give warning of tropical storms and as a radio transmitter for the FAA. It was even once owned by the CIA and functioned as a secure base of operations during Bay of Pigs and the Contra engagements. Finally, in 1972 under the Guano Islands Act, the United States dropped its claims to ownership…thereby giving the Island(s) to the Honduran Government.

We are partnering with major universities and trusts to build an environmental studies campus where students and scientists from around the world can participate in studying an environment that has been call the Galapagos of the Caribbean. The presence of this world class university will bring much needed Jobs, awareness for protection of the island reefs, and educational opportunities to this area of the Caribbean. The island will also offer an existing 6,000 foot runway, a Marina, an underwater studies center, and all the necessary ecofriendly housing for those employed by or attending and visiting the facilities located there. Any additional development shall have to be approved by the Templar Group following the lead of the science and preservation groups already invested in the project…with a commitment to minimal impact on the existing ecosystem.


It is our vision, that with the ZEDE status we can CREATE controlled building and development that both supports and pays for the very environmentally sensitive use of the island we intend with little or no footprint. It sounds like a Utopian future, where we live in total harmony with nature…and we think it is POSSIBLE with the cooperative genius of the top university minds and environmental trusts working with futuristic builders and architects.

This allows the PROJECT to write the laws that govern the territory, establishing the local government with a private police force, and even setting tax rates that benefit and pay for the needs of those invested and involved. The Templar group feels this will protect one of the last pristine reefs and eco systems in the Caribbean by offering a one-of-a-kind way to control the outcome of the entire project and community that is totally committed to science and preservation.

Now the Honduran Government has given the world a chance to change the future for everyone…and if our ZEDE status is approved, we will have a microcosm to experiment on a new way to live, work and play. We are seeking interested accredited investors, researchers and developers who feel they want a stake in a new Caribbean Tomorrowland.


If you had the opportunity to go somewhere...where you could participate in writing the rules to facilitate your goals...and you had the time, resources and focus to research and create anything you can imagine that might change the future...

What would you do?

...build underwater habitats?

...deliver commercially viable tidal energy?

...discover a new drug that cures millions?

...develop a new game-changing technology? 

...bring a technological infrastructure to the Caribbean that creates Jobs? and Wealth?

...something never before even imagined???

In one hundred years...the discoveries and innovations made on this Island of Opportunity will be the among the top stories of the century. If you and your company can see yourself as part of this future, you need to contact the Templar Group to discuss nearly endless possibilities...for research...for discovery...for innovation...for creating a better tomorrow.